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Primary Sources for History of the Sri Lankan Tamils: World-Wide Search


By Dr Murugar Gunasingam


ISBN-10: 1500479896

ISBN-13: 978-1500479893




Primary Sources for History of the Sri Lankan Tamils: World-Wide Search



This Work "Primary Sources for History of the Sri Lankan Tamils : A World-wide Search", the First of its kind, is a very significant one. In this work I see the Historian and the Professional Librarian within the Author Dr. M. Gunasingam a student of Prof. K. Indrapala blend with each other in a very charming way. The author has documented the resources in the various major libraries of the world and those resource centres which possess valuable data relating to the history and culture of the Sri Lankan Tamils. The material is presented in an introductory manner as a historian would do. One cannot fail to notice the specific references the author chooses to give about each of the libraries and centres. In that sense it also becomes a guide.


One cannot fail to observe the sense of socio political dedication of the author to the basic theme of the book. This work reveals the depth of the author's conviction and the breadth of the areas of search. I am sure this work will receive the attention of scholars and students researching into not only the Sri Lankan Tamils but also into Sri Lanka as a whole.


About the Author


Dr Murugar Gunasingam has written four research books including the critically acclaimed 'Sri Lankan Tamil Nationalism: A Study of its Origins' and 'Tamils in Sri Lanka: A Comprehensive History (C. 300 B.C. - C. 2000 AD)'. Gunasingam gained a Masters degree from the University of London and a Ph.D in History from the University of Sydney, under the Australian Post-graduate Scholarship Award.


Gunasingam has worked as a research fellow at the South Asian Studies Centre, Sydney. He also served at Charles Stuart University, the University of Western Sydney and the University of Jaffna during his career.















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