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Peoples and Cultures of Early Sri Lanka:

A Study Based on Genetics and Archaeology


Dr Siva Thiagarajah


ISBN-10: 1852010258

ISBN-13: 978-1852010256


Peoples and Cultures of Early Sri Lanka - A Study Based on Genetics and Archaeology



Peoples and Cultures of Early Sri Lanka is primarily a work of science. Although the subject essentially concerns the prehistory and proto-history of South Asian peoples, Dr. Siva Thiagarajah has accomplished his objective mainly through the integration of the scientific disciplines of Human Genetics, Archaeology and Biological Anthropology. This book is intended not only for the academic but also for the average reader; hence all the intricacies of human genetics are explained in simple terms for everyone to follow without difficulty.


Dr Siva Thiagarajah is taking us on a journey through time over a period of some 55,000 years from the arrival of the first Homo sapiens in South Asia to the beginnings of the historical period. As we embark on this epoch-making journey evidences from Population Genetics, Archaeology, Anthropology, Geology, Ecology, Palaeontology, Numismatics, Early Epigraphy and Linguistics are skilfully integrated into the narrative to produce this scientific tour-de-force.


Population Genetics is the science for the twenty-first century. For the first time a book dealing with the prehistory of South Asian peoples, specifically people of the island of Sri Lanka based on their genetic foundations is presented to the academia and to the general public. Human genetics is a specific science, and the history of man based on this science is the most accurate and absolutely reliable of them all. Within the next few decades we will be seeing departments of Human Genetics sprouting in our national universities; for the history books of the future will be mainly based on the DNAs of its populations.



Dr Siva Thiagarajah


Dr Thiagarajah is now retired after working as a medical doctor for 40 years in Sri Lanka and in the UK. His long time interest in history and archaeology, and his specialised training in genetically inherited disorders have provided the background to produce the book ‘Peoples and Cultures of Early Sri Lanka’. Apart from archaeological and historical research, he has researched the early religious history of South Asia to produce the work ‘Tamils and their Religions’. He also has produced a Tamil translation of the Sumerian epic, ‘The Epic of Gilgamesh’, discovered through archaeology.









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