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Ancient Tamil Nadu

Glimpses of the Past


By K Indrapala


ISBN-13: 979-8590567386





This book is written for the benefit of young readers in Tamil Nadu. This state has a long history and a rich heritage. Its history is full of remarkable achievements in various fields. It has impressive archaeological remains dating back to the early centuries of the Common Era (CE). What is more interesting is that there are thousands of stone inscriptions, some of which go back to the second century Before the Common Era (BCE). In addition, a large number of magnificent temples have survived bearing testimony to the achievements of the ancients in art and architecture. The past is fascinating and an enduring source of inspiration.


Today breathtaking developments are taking place in science and technology. These can be used to discover more of the past and understand it better. Much remains to be discovered. It is important for the youth to know the past. This helps to understand the present. This book is intended to give a peep into that past.


About the Author


K. Indrapala took his first degree from the University of Ceylon (now University of Peradeniya) in 1960 and, from that time until 1975, lectured in history in that university. He took his doctorate from the University of London. In 1975, he was appointed Foundation Professor of History in the new Jaffna Campus of the University of Sri Lanka , which later became the University of Jaffna. In 1977/78, he was a Japan Foundation Fellow and Visiting Professor at the Tokyo University of Foreign Studies, Tokyo. In 1984, he was appointed Foundation Professor of Southeast Asian Studies at the Tamil University, Thanjavur. He now lives in Australia.
















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