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Thondeswaram: Devinuwara - Dondra


By Thiru Arumugam


ISBN-10: 1973919796

ISBN-13: 978-1973919797

ASIN: B00M60XIA6 (Kindle)



From the time of Vijaya there were the Panchiswarams, a set of five coastal temples of Siva built at cardinal points of the compass for the purpose of protecting Lanka from calamities. They were Naguleswaram at the northern point of the Jaffna Peninsula, Thirukoneswaram at the eastern point in Trincomalee, Thiruketheeswaram near Mannar and Muneeswaram near Chilaw both on the western coast, and Thondeswaram in Dondra at the southernmost point of Lanka.


These temples of Siva were all completely destroyed by the Portuguese in the sixteenth century. The temples now existing at these locations were built subsequently. Details and locations of the first four temples in the above list are well known, but details of the last temple, Thondeswaram, are not so well known.


This book lists the available information about Thondeswaram and also the history of the other temples at this site, now known as Devinuwara (the City of Gods), but was called Dondra during British days. As the temples at this site were practically completely demolished by the Portuguese, the actual location of the Temple of Siva is not known. The stone sculptures of the Lingam, the emblematic representation of Siva, and Nandhi (Bull) his vehicle, have been found here. This book suggests three possible locations as the site of the ancient Temple of Siva.


Thiru Arumugam


The author is a retired chartered engineer who spends his time researching and writing articles on subjects that he finds interesting. He is the author of a book titled Nineteenth century American Medical Missionaries in Jaffna, Ceylon; with special reference to Samuel Fisk Green and a second book titled D J Wimalasurendra and the history of the Laxapana Hydroelectric Scheme. That book is part of the series on “Science and Civilization in Sri Lanka”. He also edited a book titled Hundred Hindu Temples of Sri Lanka: Ancient, Medieval and Modern, using material written by his late father, Sanmugam Arumugam.


















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