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Origins of the Sinhalese of Sri Lanka


By Dr Siva Thiagarajah


ASIN: B00UHFL2QO (Kindle)







































In Sri Lanka, like in several other countries, history is intricately bound to contemporary politics. The past becomes an essential argument in the debates on contemporary issues. And the past is not built upon on solid foundations; but on myths dressed up as history.


Prof Leslie Gunawardana said “It is important to note that the Aryan theory was not merely something imposed from above by Orientalist scholars. It was eagerly welcomed by most Sinhala scholars who found the Ayan theory flattering in that is elevated them to the ranks of the kinsmen of their rulers.”


Anyone who doubts the conclusions in this book can consult the greatest history book about our genesis ever created; that is our own body. Every cell in our body carries the Y-Chromosome DNA (in the males only) and the mt-DNA (for the maternal line), which show the path each and every one of our ancestors had traversed over the past 200,000 years or more. A few drops of our blood tested in a genetic laboratory will show the genetic markers that will identify our origins.


The three chapters in this book are extracts from “The Peoples and Cultures of Early Sri Lanka” which is available as a hard back book.

















The Origins of the Sinhalese of Sri Lanka

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