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Dare to Dream

Heroic Tales for the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora


By JK Sivalingam


ISBN-10: 1481024825

ISBN-13: 978-1481024822

ASIN: B00A7Y61O8 (Kindle)


Dare to Dream - Heroic Tales for the Sri Lankan Tamil Diaspora


This book of short stories covers the aftermath of the long civil war in Sri Lanka that came to a bloody end in 2009. The stories are set amongst the Tamil Diaspora that have been displaced by the war and have settled in western countries.


The author, JK Sivalingam says “In everyone I spoke to since 2009, I could only see hopelessness. I wanted to raise people’s faith that justice would prevail one day. No one in the Nazi death camps could have dreamed that Adolf Eichmann, one of the main architects of the Holocaust, would one day be brought to trial in Israel - a country that did not even exist at the time. The short story ‘The Defendant’ is based loosely on this but set in Sri Lanka.


Many of the stories are upbeat and full of hope for the future. They are designed to bring out the best in people and a belief in natural justice.”


A reviewer said of the book: “This is a very accessible book of short stories about the Tamil struggle past, present and future by a writer with an obvious deep knowledge and passion for his subject matter. For those like me with only a passing awareness of the recent conflict in Sri Lanka, these stories provide a good and entertaining introduction, in fictional form, to a troubling and under discussed area of modern history and how it might play out in the future.”


“The way the civil war ended with many tens of thousands mercilessly killed by the Sri Lankan army has left many issues unresolved. Writing the book was a cathartic experience and allows me to move on” concludes Sivalingam.




* Sivalingham has an endearing and delightful way of writing and yet his subject matter is dark, and at times ,dusturbing. His short stories offer the Tamil Disapora a sense of 'justice served' against atrocities faced in times of civil war. These stories work independently, but as a collection they present many questions for those of us that do not know much, or understand the politics of Sri Lanka, and leave you wanting to learn more. The accompanying footnotes at the back of the book are excellent. They help to put the stories into context, answer some of those questions and help the reader to understand a little of where the fictional characters have come from. An interesting read and 'an education'.


* Such an interesting collection of short stories, which highlight the struggle of the Tamil people to secure justice for the atrocities committed against them both on a individual level and as a collective people. This book highlights just some of the struggles that they face when trying to find this justice. These stories whilst short and often simple stay with you for a long time after reading and help to give a voice to some of the individual situations which so often go unheard by the world outside.


* 'Heroic tales' is a fair summary. Sivalingam delves into past sufferings and maybe disturbs his/her own nightmares in order to rattle the cages of the authorities and remind them that all is still not well. The short stories remind us of a conflict rarely mentioned by today's news bulletins and, by sketching a wide variety of unresolved and far-reaching injustices, they show that while some can move on in their lives, many still live in fear and grief. The gentle tone and easy read makes this a very accessible collection, but begs more questions of what's really going on in that beautiful island and in the lives of those who've left it.

















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