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Adventures with Solar, Haybox and Rocket Stove Cooking


By Jane and Seggy Segaran


ISBN-13:  979-8716753259

ASIN: B0915MBK9N (Kindle)




As a teenager living in Nigeria in the 70’s, Seggy was always interested in cooking using the sun. Needless to say the first efforts with concave holes in the ground lined with silver foil were not very successful.


Then in 2011 he was given a chance to visit Rwanda to promote low impact cooking technologies, such as solar and retained heat (haybox) cooking and rocket stoves. This rekindled his interest and Jane, always interested in sustainable projects, was also infected with a passion for fossil fuel free cooking.


This book catalogues our journey over the last ten years, experimenting with solar, haybox and rocket stove cookers and spreading what we learnt as far and wide as possible. We have made several solar and haybox cookers at home and we share the designs of some of these as well as some of the interesting recipes that we tried out. One of the high points in our work was the trip to Sri Lanka in 2019 where we spent weeks working with a charity in the Vanni region. These and other outreach experiences at festivals and workshops are included inside.We hope that these will inspire some of you to make and use some of the designs that are outlined here.


About the Authors



Jane and Seggy have been involved for many years with low energy cooking techniques. Part of the proceeds of sales goes towards funding educational projects in Sri Lanka.